2002 BMW M3 Race Car

I found this 2002 E46 M3 on eBay and the owner has spent a lot of time and money converting it into a dedicated race car.

e46racecartt31f Built to compete in the NASA TT3 class, this M3 has been stripped of a 500lbs and weights roughly 2,900 lbs with power increased to 321 hp to the wheels!

e46racecartt31cThe engine has been modified with a EvoSport pully kit, aFe Magnum intake and most importantly a Epic Motorsports race tune to take advantage of the equal length headers and Bimmerworld race exhaust.

e46racecartt33aBraking is critical on a race car and this M3 is outfitted with a set of front and rear Performance Friction calipers that use a huge 14″ front rotor with 13″ rear. Bimmerworld carbon brake ducts help keep the braking components cool and direct air towards the large calipers without adding much weight to the car.

e46racecartt31eThe suspension is setup with a JRZ RS double adjustable dampers with hypercoil springs. Ground control camber plates and bushings are used to keep the steering feel firm with less deflection from the higher durometer parts.

e46racecartt31bThe exterior of this M3 is all business with a huge Bimmerworld V2 wing in the rear and cool looking dive planes on the front. The rear diffuser is a huge carbon fiber piece and is produced to work in conjunction with their exhaust system.

e46racecartt32a e46racecartt32bThe interior is completely stripped except for a single OMP driver seat, the cage has been built to NASA/SCCA standards by CT race development and the design looks really clean.

e46racecartt31dThis M3 race car looks really cool and was built with the single purpose of being competitive during time trials competitions.

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