Dinan 5.8L stroker on a Interlagos Blue E60 M5

This 2006 BMW M5 looks like it would make an awesome daily/track car and and has been upgraded with a very expensive and Dinan 5.8L stroker kit.

2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos1a 2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos1bThe E60 is one of the most popular M5 chassis among enthusiast and the 500hp V10 is plenty of power for most but the owner of this Interlagos Blue car decided to build something with a bit more kick.

2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos5a 2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos1eThe Dinan stoker kit increases the displacement to 5.8L and the new motor now makes a crazy 611hp! Torque numbers are raised across the board and acceleration is greatly improved with 0-60mph taking 3.8 seconds and 11 second quarter mile times are now possible.

2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos1f2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos5bThis M5 also has a host of other Dinan modifications like their high flow Carbon Fiber air box that flanks both sides of the huge engine. Out back  is a Dinan free-flowing exhaust that is lighter than the factory version and gives the car a nice growl under acceleration.

2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos3a 2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos1hThe 19″ set of Dinan wheels were mounted with a huge set of Brembo calipers and 15″ rotors front and rear providing incredible braking performance on this larger sedan.

2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos2a 2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos2dThe interior is a little odd and has 2 racing seats up front and a roll cage that makes the rear seats inaccessible. A good idea for road racing, the cage looks to be well designed but it might have been a better idea to remove the rear seats altogether.

2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos2f 2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos2b 2005dinanstrokerm5interlagos1cThis Dinan M5 is equipped with the 7-speed SMG transmission and currently has less than 58k miles on the odometer. Its an interesting interpretation of a M5 and I like a majority of the mods and the Interlagos Blue color.  The seller is asking $50k for it and the car is located in Scottsdale Arizona.

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