2001 Phoenix Yellow BMW Z3 M Coupe

The M Coupe is an odd looking car that has gained popularity over the years, when combined with the equally different Phoenix Yellow exterior the results are stunning.

01phoenixyellcoupe1a 01phoenixyellcoupe1bThis M Coupe has the larger and more desirable S54 engine that was sourced from the E46 M3 and makes 315 hp in this application. The S54 is the one to own when it comes to M coupes and the larger displacement engine added a 75 hp bump over the versions produced from 1998-2000.

01phoenixyellcoupe3c 01phoenixyellcoupe3b 01phoenixyellcoupe3dI like the look of this Phoenix Yellow M Coupe and the owner has lightly modified his car with ground control coilovers and nice looking 18″ wheels giving it a race ready look. The wheels are super wide with 11″ rear wheels that have a step lip perfectly matching the factory flared fenders.

01phoenixyellcoupe1c 01phoenixyellcoupe1dThe rear has a hatchback layout that makes the M coupe functional as a daily driver. The interior is sporty with a retro design and the owner recently added a OEM Z3 extended leather interior swap with Bentley tan leather. The sound system has also been upgraded and now has component speakers all around with most of the panels covered in sound deadening Dynomat for a solid and quiet cabin.

01phoenixyellcoupe2c 01phoenixyellcoupe2e 01phoenixyellcoupe1eThis M coupe has 123k miles and seems to have been well maintained, the car has been re-painted on a few panels so it would make a really good driver candidate. The seller is asking $40k as it sits and this car is located in Illinois.

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