Liberty Walk 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo

I found this cool looking 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo on eBay and thought the Liberty Walk kit was an interesting addition to this German sports car.

2011911turbolibertywalk1g 2011911turbolibertywalk1f 2011911turbolibertywalk1eIn the past few years the rise of Japanese race-inspired widebody kits have come to market and this version is produced by Liberty Walk and features large over-fenders and over-the-top aero for a unique look.

2011911turbolibertywalk1c 2011911turbolibertywalk1b 2011911turbolibertywalk1hThe kit really transforms the exterior of this 911 Turbo and widens this already wide-body Porsche. The front fenders have exposed rivets for a unfinished and “race” look and the rear wing is adds ample downforce to the rear engine car.

2011911turbolibertywalk1a 2011911turbolibertywalk3a 2011911turbolibertywalk3bWith such wide fenders the owner was able to fit wide wheels with a mesh design and gold inserts that match the theme of this build.

2011911turbolibertywalk2d 2011911turbolibertywalk2b 2011911turbolibertywalk2fThe interior is fairly standard except for a white half cage in the rear, a pair of race seats would definitely improve the look of the interior.

2011911turbolibertywalk1i No information is given about the parts installed or the history but this Liberty Walk turbo does have 13k miles and is definitely one of a kind. The car is offered by O’Gara Couch in Sourthern California and has an asking price of $190k

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