2010 Mansory Porsche Panamera Turbo

This 2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo has been upgraded with a Mansory 970 kit and the tuner package completely transforms this sports sedan.

porschepanameraturbomansory9701a porschepanameraturbomansory9701hNow sporting  a crazy carbon fiber hood, this Panamera looks almost unrecognizable to the factory car.  The full Mansory aero kit adds front and rear over-fenders in addition to a super aggressive front and rear bumper design. The front bumper has a carbon fiber lower splitter and I like how the LED turn signal lights blend into the large blacked out air damn.

porschepanameraturbomansory9701b porschepanameraturbomansory9701c porschepanameraturbomansory9701eporschepanameraturbomansory9703fThe rear features a chromed exhaust pipe that exits out the center and is surrounded by a carbon fiber rear diffuser. The rear spoiler is dynamic and can be raised and lowered depending on speed for additional downforce and the side panel has been left exposed CF with the Mansory logo carefully placed on it.

porschepanameraturbomansory9703a porschepanameraturbomansory9703b porschepanameraturbomansory9701dFrom the factory, the Panamera Turbo is an extremely fast car with a twin-turbocharged V8 that makes 500 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque. This car has been outfitted with the Mansory 970 package which adds another 190 hp through the use of larger turbos and can run 0-60mph in the 3 second range.

porschepanameraturbomansory9702a porschepanameraturbomansory9702b porschepanameraturbomansory9702cThe interior has been left stock and I like the flat bottom carbon fiber steering wheel. The Panamera is is able to fit 4 comfortably and has a hatchback design which gives it better utility over a conventional trunk design.

porschepanameraturbomansory9703e porschepanameraturbomansory9703g porschepanameraturbomansory9701gThis Mansory Panamera has less than 40k miles on it and is sold through JBA motors in Mesa Arizona. A lot of money has been invested into this unique car and they are asking $110k for it.

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