Rolls-Royce Ghost with a Mansory kit

This 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost caught my eye and I like the two-toneĀ  exterior with the Mansory body kit.

2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack1a 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack1b 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack1cMansory usually uses an aggressive design on their cars but chose to keep it classy on this ultra-luxury sedan with a simple and elegant body kit. The kit blends well with the factory styling and you can hardly tell which pieces have been added. The rear is the most noticeable part and a small lip spoiler on the trunk is an indication that this isn’t a stock Ghost.

2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack4a 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack1d 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack1j The Ghost is the smallest sedan that Rolls-Royce makes and they stuffed a huge 6.6L twin-turbocharged V12 into the engine bay that makes 563hp and 575 lb-ft of torque. At a weighty 5,450lbs the Ghost is a substantial car but could still run 0-60mph in just 4.8 seconds which is a very impressive time.

2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack2b 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack3b 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack1gThe Ghost uses a unique suicide door and that look cool and allow for easier entry to the rear seats and the front doors have a umbrella stored in them if you’re ever caught in inclement weather.

2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack1f 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack2i 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack2hLike all Rolls-Royce cars the Ghost is an expensive car with a base price of $245k, but you get what you pay for and every part of the car is the best quality money can buy.

2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack2a 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack2f 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack2eThe interior is stunning with almost every part wrapped in leather with each rear seat having a monitor and desk. The rest of the interior has either a piano black surface or brushed aluminum finish and traditional Rolls-Royce touches like frosted white dials are used on the instrument cluster.

2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack1i 2012rolls-royceghostmansoryblack1eI really like this Rolls-Royce Ghost and it looks to be in like new condition with less than 13k miles on the odometer. The car is located in Dallas Texas and has an asking price of $225k.

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