Nicely modded 2015 BMW M4

A reader sent me this 2015 BMW M4 and I love the color and high-end modifications on this sports coupe.

moddedyasm41a moddedyasm41b moddedyasm41cFinished in Yas Marina Blue, this BMW was sent to TAG Motorsports and GMG Racing in Southern California to build the ultimate street tuned M4.

moddedyasm45b moddedyasm41d moddedyasm41kThe new M4 now has a twin-turbo setup attached to its 3.0L inline-6 engine and power is rated at 425hp with 406 lb-ft of torque. BMW M cars are always fast and 0-60mph takes just 4.0 seconds with the dual-clutch transmission which this car was ordered with. The 7-speed has 3 settings allowing the driver to determine how fast they prefer the car to shift.

moddedyasm43h moddedyasm43f moddedyasm43eThe mod list on this M4 is impressive with parts added to focus on both looks and performance. Behind the gorgeous¬† HRE brushed aluminum wheels are a full set of Brembo brakes. The front use a huge 6-piston caliper and both the front/rear are outfitted with 15″ rotors, the brake calipers were painted mineral white and match with the finish of the wheels.

moddedyasm43i moddedyasm43c moddedyasm43dA Enlaes carbon fiber kit was added to this F80 and I really like the design of it. Produced in California, the Enlaes pieces add more dimension to this M4 and I am especially fond of the aggressive rear diffuser.

moddedyasm42d moddedyasm42f moddedyasm42aThe interior is a bit more understated and the seatbacks and center trim piece are painted in the hue as the brake calipers. BMW did a great job with the sporty/modern interior and a 3-spoke steering wheel and LCD speedometer greet the driver when they enter the car.

moddedyasm41i moddedyasm41h moddedyasm41gOver $40k in modifications were added to this M4 which still has less than 21k miles on the odometer. The more you look at it, the more details start to stand out which is a testament to those who built it. If you’re interested in this BMW, its currently for sale at Lamborghini Newport Beach with an asking price of $80k.

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