Omigod its stock – 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR-SE

A reader sent me their 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR-SE and I love the condition of this stock Evo.

2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se1a 2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se1b 2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se4aThe majority of the Evos I find have been modified so its refreshing to see one in factory form. This car has less than 60k miles and looks awesome with its Tarmac black exterior and BBS wheels. The wheels are finished in black diamond which were only available on the Special Edition (SE) Evo and have a dark chrome appearance.

2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se5d 2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se4c 2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se4bBased one notch below the Evo MR, the SE has a 5-speed transmission with a front air damn, HIDs and foglights out front. Like the MR, the SE also has the aluminum roof panel which improves performance by removing weight at a critical area on the chassis.

2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se1c 2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se1dLancer Evolution are fast and use a turbocharged inline-4 motor that makes 286hp and 289 lb-ft of torque. Power is driven through all 4-wheels which make them the perfect sports car for every season and the added grip of an all-wheel-drive layout 0-60mph can be completed in 4.6 seconds.

2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se1h 2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se1fThe exterior of the evo is brash and reminds me of a chomping dog ready to attack. The rear wing is oversized and the owner of  added the cool looking vortex generator fins off the MR edition.

2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se2e 2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se2f 2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se2gThe interior is really clean and the SE models come with Reacro seats with red stitching. The seats have three different surfaces with an Alcantara insert, leather outer side bolsters and fabric touching the driver to reduce movement through cornering. The rest of the no frills interior is a bit plasticky and business like with a focus towards driver involvement.

2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se4d 2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se2i 2006mitsubishilancerevogsr-se2hThis Evo SE is located in Northern California and the owner is asking $27,500 for this gem. If you’re interested head over to the forum to check find more info on this awesome car.

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