1995 Formula Red Acura NSX with super low miles

This 1995 Formula Red Acura NSX has just 7k miles on it and looks to be in amazing shape. With such low miles its nice that it’s in completely stock condition including the rare 7-spoke Solaris Silver wheels which were only available from 1994-1996.

1995acuransxredlowmiles1a 1995acuransxredlowmiles1d1995acuransxredlowmiles3c1995 marked an interesting year for the NSX, it was the first year the targa top was available making the lighter fixed roof special order only.  The original heavy manual steering rack was replaced with a powered hydraulic unit that helped drive-ability around town.

1995acuransxredlowmiles1h 1995acuransxredlowmiles1i 1995acuransxredlowmiles1bThe Targa and steering differences started a shift in the direction of the NSX towards a sports car with comfort at the expense of performance and these cars were roughly 100 lbs heavier than earlier models. The suspension was also retuned and softened to be more comfortable.

1995acuransxredlowmiles1k 1995acuransxredlowmiles1e1995 NSXs were equipped with a 3.0L V6 that makes 270hp and 210 lb-ft of torque. The engine is still admired for its advanced technology and the connecting rods were made from titanium for reliable high-rpm usage. The NSX was the first car to employ Honda’s famed VTEC cam system and also the first Honda to use an electric throttle control.

1995acuransxredlowmiles1f1995acuransxredlowmiles1gThe styling of the NSX still looks good 20 years later with its low profile design and clean proportions. It has aged very well and still looks unlike any other car ever produced, the headlights are the only give away that the car is older with a flip-up design that was popular in the 80s/early 90’s.

1995acuransxredlowmiles2h 1995acuransxredlowmiles2g 1995acuransxredlowmiles2fThe interior is immaculate and the black leather seats show little wear, the metal door sill still has the factory plastic wrapping on it.

1995acuransxredlowmiles2a 1995acuransxredlowmiles2d Prices for clean, low mileage NSXs have been increasing and this one is currently for sale through AutoHaus in Virgina who has priced this example at $80k.

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