Nice driver – 2011 BMW 1M

A reader sent in their rare 2011 BMW 1M and I love how its been kept it in completely stock form. With 50k miles this car, its been enjoyed and would make a nice driver example for the next owner.

20111mblack1c 20111mblack1eThe BMW 1M has held its value very well and with only 740 examples imported into the US I imagine they’ll do very well in the future. BMW has just unveiled its M2 which I’ve seen in person and it doesn’t the same presence as this earlier E87 chassis.

20111mblack3a 20111mblack3b 20111mblack1fThe 1M was a homage to the first E30 M3, it was lightweight and focused on driving performance over comfort. BMW chose to outfit it with a twin-turbocharged inline-6 that makes 335hp and 370 lb-ft of torque. Performance numbers are quite good with 0-60mph times in 4.5 seconds quarter mile times of 13 seconds flat.

20111mblack1b 20111mblack1dThe exterior is my favorite part of the car with its super wide flared fenders that fit a staggered set of 19″ wheels behind them. The rear of the 1M has the traditional M quad tailpipes and the front has an aggressive fascia which is a bit more subdued on this black car.

20111mblack2a 20111mblack2bThe interior has black leather surfaces with red stitching outlining the seats. Everything is nicely laid out and I like how this car was optioned without navigation saving weight.

20111mblack1aThe 1M will continue to be a highly desired BMW and this example is located in Atlanta, GA and has an asking price of $50k.

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