Paint to sample Periodot Green Metallic GT3

This is the first 991 Porsche GT3 that I’ve seen painted in Peridot Green Metallic and it looks pretty crazy on this ultimate 911.

2015peridotgreengt31a 2015peridotgreengt31b 2015peridotgreengt31iPeridot Green Metallic was a popular color on the Cayman R and is a unique light green that glows in the sunlight. The color definitely shows off the curves of this GT3 and I really like it against the dark accents of the car.

2015peridotgreengt34b 2015peridotgreengt34a 2015peridotgreengt33qThis 991 GT3 was named 2014 Performance Car of the Year by Road & Track and uses a 3.8L flat-6 engine in the traditional 911 rear-engine platform. Naturally aspirated, this GT3 makes 475hp and 324 lb-ft of torque driven through their famed PDK dual-clutch auto. Performance numbers are really good and 0-60mph takes just 3.1 seconds with a quarter mile times in the low 11 second range.

2015peridotgreengt31c 2015peridotgreengt31j 2015peridotgreengt33mThe exterior looks amazing and I get excited every time I see one on the street. The rear wing is an attention grabber with an intricate design that keeps the rear end planted. The fenders are also widened and the front of the car walks the line between subtle and aggressive with softly designed headlights and aggressively large air inlets.

2015peridotgreengt33e 2015peridotgreengt31k 2015peridotgreengt33cI like the wheels with their 10-spoke center lock design finished in a dark gray that fill up the wheel wells.  The brakes are steel and not carbon ceramic and look oversized with bright red calipers adding a touch of color.

2015peridotgreengt32f 2015peridotgreengt32d 2015peridotgreengt32c 2015peridotgreengt32aThe interior isn’t as flashy as the exterior and the black leather sport seats have an Alcantara insert. I wish this car was optioned with the light weight buckets and matching green seat belts which would be a perfect addition in my eyes.

2015peridotgreengt31e 2015peridotgreengt31f 2015peridotgreengt31mThis GT3 has less than 2k miles and is currently located at Driving Emotions in Florida. If you’re looking for a unique GT3, this Peridot green looks like a nice example and has an asking price of $178k.

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