2015 Liberty Walk BMW M4

This 2015 BMW M4 has been outfitted with a full Liberty Walk kit and looks pretty flashy with its black exterior and anodized red wheels.

libertywalkblackm41a libertywalkblackm41e libertywalkblackm41hThe Japanese produced Liberty Walk kit is still a popular choice among exotic owners who want to stand out and the full kit is quite pricey starting at $10k for the front/rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, wide body fenders and side valances. The end result is a super aggressive package that looks almost over-the-top for street use and a guaranteed attention grabber.

libertywalkblackm44a File0_081602_800600 libertywalkblackm41olibertywalkblackm41mThe wide over fenders have been attached using red rivets which is a nice touch matching the wheels and decals placed on this M4. The rear duckbill spoiler is oversized but a nice contrast to the majority of large GT wings that are popular today.

libertywalkblackm43a libertywalkblackm43b libertywalkblackm42fWith the new forced induction engine making more power is easier and this M4 is tuned for 500hp with downpipes and an increase in boost. Not a lot of info is given on the specs but the seller says close to $50k was spent on all the aftermarket upgrades.

libertywalkblackm42a libertywalkblackm42b libertywalkblackm42dThe interior is basically stock with black cloth/leather seats. With such a crazy exterior I wish they added racing seats or even a harness bar to complete the look.

libertywalkblackm41n libertywalkblackm41k libertywalkblackm41fThis M4 has less than 10k miles and is currently located in Scottsdale Arizona and the dealer has placed an asking price of $100k on it.

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