Gorgeous 2016 Lava Orange Porsche GTS

This 2016 Porsche GTS is finished in a gorgeous Lava Orange exterior that was lifted from one of the hottest cars out right now –¬† the Porsche GT3 RS. Even though the 911 GTS isn’t as spectacular as that car, the GTS would make an awesome daily with plenty of power and even rear seats.

2016lavaorangegts9111a 2016lavaorangegts9111eThe 911 GTS bridges the gap between the Carrera S and the GT3 and comes with a 3.8L flat-6 that makes 430hp. This one is optioned with the desirable all-wheel-drive layout plus the 7-speed manual transmission making a fun combination that can be driven in any weather.

2016lavaorangegts9111b 2016lavaorangegts9111g 2016lavaorangegts9114bPorsche outfits the exterior of the GTS with the wider rear of the turbo cars and a front bumper that’s similar to the found on the GT3. The 20″ wheels are black mesh and use the race car like center lock wheel nut. The owner spec’d this car without the popular sunroof option keeping the chassis rigid and also reducing weight, it also leaves the roof orange for a cleaner look. I love the whole look of the newer 991 cars which have such a clean design.

2016lavaorangegts9112f 2016lavaorangegts9112c 2016lavaorangegts9112aThe leather/alcantara interior has the comfortable 18-way seats and a black aluminum trim and the condition looks to be like new. The sport chrono  gauge is mounted on the center of the dash and helps keep track of lap times if you ever decide to hit the track.

2016lavaorangegts9111b 2016lavaorangegts9111dThis GTS has less than 2k miles on the odometer and the owner is holding firm on his asking price of $150k. Its definitely a unique car considering the Lava Orange exterior and the desirable options and with Porsche prices still going crazy I can see this car selling soon.

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