2013 Range Rover Hamann Mystere widebody

This 2013 Range Rover is clad in the full Hamann Mystere body kit which is ultra rare and supposedly cost over $80k for the conversion.

hamannrangemystereblack1b hamannrangemystereblack1c hamannrangemystereblack1eI couldn’t find a lot of information on this kit but it was unveiled by the German car tuning company at the 2013 Geneva motor show. Ever piece is made from carbon fiber and the fenders add over 3″ of width to the already large truck.

hamannrangemystereblack1f hamannrangemystereblack1i hamannrangemystereblack1jThe wheels are have an interesting concave curved face and are 23″ in diameter which fills up the larger wheel wells nicely. Big, black and mean – the entire truck has been painted matte black with a few gloss black accents found on the side panel, door handles and side mirrors.

hamannrangemystereblack4d hamannrangemystereblack3d hamannrangemystereblack3c hamannrangemystereblack3bThe matte color scheme tones down the crazy looking kit that has an extreme amount of air vents and a thin but square hood dome. I can imagine this truck grabs a lot of attention while driving since its unique and large.

hamannrangemystereblack2c hamannrangemystereblack2d hamannrangemystereblack4bThe interior has been left factory stock except for a set of Hamann pedals and floor mats. Since it is a top-of-the-line Range Rover the interior is already quite impressive with a LCD instrument cluster and nice brushed aluminum surfaces.  Every amenity a driver could want is attended to and Land Rover makes one of the nicest most luxurious interiors of all the manufacturers.

hamannrangemystereblack2f hamannrangemystereblack2b hamannrangemystereblack1dThis Range Rover has the 5.0L V8 engine non-supercharged engine that makes 375hp,  respectable number but power is down over 120hp from the supercharged version. It seems strange that they would use a non-supercharged motor for this build since this looks like a cost is no object project.

hamannrangemystereblack4e hamannrangemystereblack4d hamannrangemystereblack4aThis Hamann Mystere has barely been driven and only has 16k miles on the odometer, its really unique and has a price to match its crazy looks.

Asking price $180k

Sellers contact info

Magazine worthy Datsun 510

This is by far the nicest Datsun 510 I’ve seen for sale, its been fully restored and is like a JDM equivalent of a “restomod”. This interpretation of a 510 leans more towards a race looking exterior with Carbon Fiber canards and exposed racing radiator but still has a full interior and a crazy stereo installed.

1971datsun5101a 1971datsun5101d 1971datsun5101c 1971datsun5101bI like the yellow exterior which compliments the age of this car, its hard to believe that this 510 is already 43 years old. I love the set of 15″x8.5″ (-5 offset) Volk TE37v on this stock bodied car, the v editions have an older look to them and are perfect on older JDM cars.

1971datsun5102a 1971datsun5102d 1971datsun5102c 1971datsun5102bThe interior is equally nice with a set of re-upholstered vintage Recaro seats, I like the colorway chosen with a tobacco brown bolsters against a hay colored middle section.  The middle interior console was re-purposed from a Mini Cooper and actually matches nicely to this 510.

1971datsun5105a 1971datsun5104c 1971datsun5104aThe engine is a ka24 from a newer 240sx and parts of the valve cover have been painted teal which blends nicely with the purple accents of the Nology wires and oil cap. You can tell a lot of time was taken to decide on not only the parts but which colors would match the theme of the car.

1971datsun5103a 1971datsun5103bThe modification list is extensive with every major JDM brand represented, everything from a ARC intake to a Greddy titanium exhaust.  The front hood has a a AeroCatch hood pin that needs a key to open and looks the business on the fornt of this car.

1971datsun5105b 1971datsun5103c 1971datsun5103dThe owner is asking $20k for this 510 which is high when you compare it to other Datsuns, but I’ve never seen one for sale with his caliber of finish work. The whole car looks beautiful and I’m sure it’ll find a happy owner soon.

Sellers contact info

From the seller:

I am selling my 1971 Datsun 510. 4 door, one of a kind, and its very hard to find. This car has a lot of money and time invested into it. This car has been in alot of shows in Los Angeles, California. It has also been on alot of magazines. This car is ready to drive wherever you want to go, has a nice alpine… stereo system,bluetooth, wi-fi, which costs close to 5,000 dollars. We have the receipts. Brand new tires and wheels. This car has disc brakes. The Interior is super nice, has Recaro seats. Has a nice steering wheel that can come off anytime you want it too. It has a beautiful paint job and everything works nicely on the car. The body of the car is clean, and free of rust…
1-1999 nissan 240sx ka24 engine swap
2-GTI dual core racing radiator w/ built in thermostate electric radiator fan mishimoto coolant overflow tank.
3-relocated fuse box
4-optima battery relocated to trunk w billet mount
5-Powerdercoated Teal valve cover.
6-NOLOGY hotwire ignition wires.
7-Carbon Fiber intake manifold cover.
8-ARC super intake w/GREDDY filter.
9-Blitz piping stopper.
10-GREX Remote filter and HKS oil filter.
11-1986 Mazda RX7 front mount oil cooler.
12-GREDDY water temp sensor.
13-HKS oil cap.
14-HKS wire grounding system.
15-Oil Catch can w/EARLS an lines, fittings and fuel filter.
16-WALBRO 255 LPH external fuel pump.
17-NISSAN 240sx fuel filler conversion.
18-NISSAN Quest alternator upgrade conversion.
19-Relocated ignition switch to center console.
20-DC sports 4-2-1 Header ceramic coated.
21-Titanium Greddy exhaust with full stainless steel piping 2 1/2 w/optional silencer.
1-1979 Datsun 280zx suspension conversion with disk brakes, camber plates and coilovers.
2-1979 Datsun 280zx brake master cylinder upgrade.
3-TEIN strut bar.7-1970 Chevy Nova gauge pod holder.
8-Complete AUTOMETER gauge set (electronic speedo, tachometer, fuel, voltage, oil pressure, water temp, and clock)
1-Late model Toyota front headlight conversion w/blackout covers (no round lights).
2- 4 in. chopped, tucked and painted front bumper.
3-Carbon fiber evo front canards.
4-CUSCO tow hooks.
5-JDM Datsun B110 fender mirrors chopped and painted.
6-AeroCatch hood pins.
7-BRE Carbon fiber front air dam.
8-Very RARE JDM center tail light garnish.
4-DATSPORT brake booster upgrade.
5-DATSPORT steering bracket.
6-Authentic 15×8.5 -5 Bronze VOLK TE37v
7-195\45\15 TOYO proxes TR1 all around.
1-2000 Mini Cooper Center Console w/added chrome trim. . 2-NARDI woodgrain steering wheel w/WORKS BELL quick release.
3-GREDDY weighted shift knob w/extension.
4-Reupholstered vintage RECARO  seats with matching rear seats and sun visors.
5-New carpet.
6-Wedge engineering seat brackets.